Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Legal Stuff

All content of this web log is owned by me, William Wilson (henceforth
Bill W.). All intellectual property created and communicated via
Blogger and Myspace web log technology is solely owned by me, Bill W.

2. You may not distribute this information, communicate or edit it
without the express permission of me, Bill W. However, I authorize all
people to look at my writings, i.e. intellectual property, and discuss
the ideas therein. Note: if ideas are property, than my ideas are my
property and are in the process of being trademarked, copyrighted,
patented as needed. That is, all content of this site that was
produced, created, and labored on by me, is the sole property of Bill

3. As a resident of San Francisco, CA, I am aware that I have many
rights as a consumer, writer, and citizen living and residing in San
Francisco, CA. Many of these rights may conflict with other state,
federal, international, laws. Anyone who has a problem with me or the
content of my web content may discuss the matter with me in SAN
FRANCISCO, CA. Should any legal issues arise, all disputes will be
settled in the City and County of San Francisco, State of California.

4. The content of this web site is NOT journalism and should not be
used by Journalists in their reporting. The content of this web site
is the SOLE opinion of its creator, Bill W., and is protected by the
First Amendment's Freedom of Speech clause.

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